9 ways to boost self confidence

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It's a fact that your self-confidence in the office has a direct effect on your performance and your ability to advance in your field. When you feel confident you accomplish more, feel better about the work you do, and have a better chance at advancing to the next level in your company. There are many ways to boost your confidence while at work, but here are 9 that are certain to get you results. Get enough rest. Recent scientific studies have shown that most people don't get enough sleep. Being sleep deprived can affect every aspect of your life including how well you perform on the job. Being well rested is vital to feeling good, looking good, and getting the job done. Be sure to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Setting goals and achieving them. People who regularly set reachable goals are more effective, more efficient, and more content than people who “wing it” without setting goals. Try setting daily, weekly and long term goals. The satisfaction of meeti ...

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Driver Crashes at Delta Sonic

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The first thought I had was, I can't believe this isn't me! Every time I go to Delta Sonic for a car wash, I think to myself, "Is today the day that I run into the drying station? Is today the day I run over that cute high schooler waiving me forward in line?". It's not that I consider myself a bad driver, it's just that these drying stations are barely big enough for a mid sized SUV! My car isn't even big! I don't understand how some people fit their over-compensatingly large trucks in those car washes. Delta Sonic car wash on Delaware ave, Buffalo NY This photo was taken today the 26th, and looks like the car was headed in the out. I've never been to this Delaware ave Delta Sonic, but if it's anything like the the one on Niagara Falls boulavard or Walden, you can bet it gets busy in the winter. The funny thing about this accident is, that it's late september and the driver went in the wrong way! I have been very confused with the number of accidents recently and their details of disaster. How ...

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Stupid Teens Get Slapped By Cuomo

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<p">LISTEN UP! Andrew Cuomo wants to slap every junior licensed and permitted drivers with a 60 day hiatus of driving privileges for a first offense of texting while driving! And don't even THINK about texting a second time, because your second violation will cost you! If you have a junior license, you can lose it for 2 more months and if you have a probationary license,HALF A YEAR! That can certainly put a damper on your social life, especially at age 16. </p"> Honestly, I'm surprised this legislation hasn't passed sooner. This type of penalty is exactly what youth needs as a reminder that texting while driving is a serious offense. Now, finally, the penalty will match the crime. After reading up on how drunk drivers and distracted, texting drivers compare to each other, I feel that the law has finally caught up to an suitable punishment. How will this affect your auto insurance? You will have to ask each individual insurance company. You will still get a violation placed on ...

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Airless Tires Change the Market

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You may have seen articles on these revolutionary tires or even received an email from a friend telling you that these tires are on the way but truth is, they're not. One email I received on these tires in January of last year said to look for them in august of 2012. Upon further research I found that the tire manufacturers have been having problems with the new tire. That, along with other issues, has delayed the tire from hitting markets. The benefits of these airless tires should make most people very excited to hear that they will never have to worry about flat tires again! The improved handling is also a plus. But though they've only recently been in the eye of the media, airless (non pneumatic) tires were originally thought up over 160 years ago by Robert Thomson. Though, Roberts design included sponges, springs and horse hair, he was on forefront of leading innovation. More recently, these tires have been in the research and development stage by some big time co ...

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Your Christmas Gifts are NOT Protected!

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Did you get a new laptop computer, jewelry or maybe a high-value gift card from santa this year? Your homeowners insurance or parents insurance policy will have theft coverage for these things but only a small amount. Did you know: you can specifically add items to your homeowners policy like a laptop and jewelry. This allows you to have a lower deductible seperate from the policy deductible. This also expands your protection for things like misplacing, losing, and droping.   most homeowners policies only have $200 coverage for stolen money, gift cards, bank notes, bullion, dinero, duckets, whatever you want to call it.  You can increase this coverage in most cases, to $1000. But keep in mind that your policy deductible applies so you probably wont end up getting anything if your deductible is higher then the amount of money stolen. Many people forget to properly protect all of their new gifts and even their favorite old ones. Your insurance Agent can help you protect ...

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Owen's Toy Box Gets Donations

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Since 2008 locals from all over Western New York have been involved in the children's gift program, Owen's Toy Box. The program is designed to help children with cancer, blood disorders and other medical conditions to find fun things to do while staying at Children's Hospital. The program also raises funds for families' meal tickets, parking vouchers and events like pizza parties and magician shows for the kids. Owen himself, was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer of the brain and spine. He underwent chemotherapy, radiation and took countless medications but lost his battle on October 8, 2008. He was only four years old but was able to bring much happiness to everyone around him. He would even bring candy to other sick children in the hospital, even though he could not eat the candy himself. This year the Clarence Girl Scouts troop 976 is getting involved. They are helping to raise awareness for Owen's Toy Box in hopes that they can get donations of ne ...

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Herky Moses: Founder Extraordinaire

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Many may not know Charles "Herky" Moses or his accomplishments. But did you know Herky was the co founder of many local organizations and public works? As an Amherst Town Councilman he was able to help organize the Amherst Youth Board, the Amherst Senior Center, many of our parks like Bassett Park and the creation of the North French Road Soccer fields. He was a volunteer, US Marine vet, coach, mentor, church usher, Kiwanian, Knight of Columbus, Chairman of the Amherst Chamber, volunteer firefighter, Bowler, father, husband, brother, son of an immigrant father and so many more. While Herky participated in his numerous groups and extracurricular activities, he also managed to support 6 children and start his own business. From a basement tax preparation venture to opening a Main Street Insurance business, Herky had his hands full. Herky would have been 86 years old in November. Now his legacy lives on as Moses Insurance Group celebrates its 57th year in business in Wlliamsville NY! Moses Insu ...

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Where is the Garage Door!?!

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This weeks' pic-of-the-week comes to you from the red neck trailer park. Without which we would have no entertainment. I guess this is what you get when you have a lead foot.  This picture should serve as proof that drinking and driving really don't mix. Also, don't drive with dogs at your feet. I've heard stories of people driving with dogs in their car when one gets by their feet and pushes on the gas pedal. This just goes to show that you have to be smart about driving. Put dogs in cages in the back if they're going to jump around. I hope no one was in that house! Whatever the reason for this accident, it is an accident none the less. Hopefully this truck had 25,000$ or more in property damage coverage on the insurance. Otherwise, your pockets become a little thinner and you have to pay for the rest yourself.  Many people take driving for granted for many reasons. Could be because everyone they know drives and has their own car. Or it could be because their parents gifted them a car at an e ...

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That can't be your phone number!

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Ken found this in his basement. Its an old match book that my grandfather had printed up for the insurance business. This thing has to be over 40 years old! We have been in business for 57 years now. Some of that time, the business was run out of the basement office of Herkys' house.

What really blows me away is at the bottom. Apparently, thats a phone number!

If you are confused, that's ok because I didn't get it either.

If any of you can explain to me how exactly you would dial 4-1213 on a phone, please let me know!

The Accidents Never End- 1 hr ago

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This morning yet another accident on Main Street in Williamsville blocked traffic headed west bound. The accident occurred a little after 9 a.m. today. The FedEx truck blocked the right lane and the side street next to the Williamsville cemetery. Amherst Police were on scene to help and direct traffic.

It appears to me that the FedEx truck was driving straight down Main street while the blue car pulled out in front of him and was struck. This kind of accident happens all the time on Main street due to the blocked view people experience from the cars parked along Main.

Yet another reason to have Moses Insurance Group review your policy now before you get into an accident and realize you don't have the proper protection. (call 634-1212)

Stay safe my friends,


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