Billing Questions

If you have a billing question, we're here to help. Just complete the form below and describe your question in more detail and we'll get back to you within 1 business day, if not sooner.


1. Do i have a grace period to pay my bill?

Answer: Yes. Normally. But every company is different. And Late fees may apply.  But usually your insurance will not cancel the same day the bill is due. If it is not the first bill you've received, it might cancel on the due date. Call us to confirm your policy is still active.

2.  What is EFT?

Answer: Electronic Fund Transfer. EFT is used to set up automatic payment deductions from a checking account or credit card.  You often avoid billing fees with this payment option. You can also choose how many installments you want to break up your insurance premium into. I highly recommend this payment option because its so easy!