Homeowners Insurance

What is Homeowners Insurance? 

  1. Property Protection: It may help repair or replace your home & belongings if damaged by certain events such as fire.

  2. Liability Protection: It may help cover cost if a visitor is injured at your home.

What does Homeowners Insurance cost?

Cost depends on many factors including:

  1. Coverages desired 
  2. Replacement cost value/construction materials
  3. Age and condition of home
  4. Roof construction 
  5. Prior claims

<span>Questions to ask:</span>

Questions to ask:

  • Do I have enough coverage to rebuild my home if needed?
  • What is covered and what is not covered?
  • Does my policy offer coverage like “underground service line” and “water backup of sump pump”?
  • How much jewelry coverage do I have?
  • What is a deductible and how much is mine?
  • What is flood insurance and do I need it?

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